Network Management

Your physical data network is pivotal in the running of your business so getting it right and setting it up properly is vital.

At decode we assess your business needs, office space and requirements before we begin network management. We will work on the best solution that will maximise the performance of your systems.

We can facilitate extra connectivity for new desks in small offices, right through to fibre connections linking together separate sites or buildings. Part of our network management is ensuring everything runs seamlessly; wireless networks are playing an increasingly important role in that.

Wireless networks have become more commonplace nowadays both at home and in the workplace. However, installing wireless correctly, with enough coverage and capacity, is very important for a business. By understanding your premises we can help you determine what equipment you need and what will work best. We will also implement the right level of security measures.

Ultimately, we make sure that everything is in place that needs to be to allow and maintain a smooth data flow throughout your network.

From choosing software to choosing a strategy.

Our consultancy and project management services can help you from start to finish.

No infrastructure?
No business.

Keeping your business functioning efficiently on a daily basis.

Support whenever you need it the most.

At decode we will support your IT needs no matter how great or small.