Server Virtualisation

Virtualisation makes your infrastructure vastly simpler and more efficient. By utilising it we can make IT easier and less costly to own and manage.

We strongly believe that sometimes less is more. This is why we offer server virtualisation as a solution that can streamline your performance, increase flexibility and reduce operating costs.

There are a number benefits of virtualisation:

  • Increased hardware utilisation allowing you to run multiple systems and applications
  • Reduced infrastructure costs as a result of having to power less equipment
  • Space saving solutions that also reduce your carbon footprint
  • Easier disaster recovery options, virtual systems can be easily moved onto other physical hardware

In the past, different server roles would require different physical servers. With the expansion of any business this can lead to space reductions and an increase in operating costs. Virtualisation makes it possible to run multiple systems and operations from the same hardware.

It is also a scalable service meaning that you can add additional servers without project costs or the need to purchase new physical equipment. This makes it more manageable and a more efficient infrastructure.

Companies will also reduce their carbon footprint as a direct result of virtualisation. This has its incremental benefits too as lower energy emissions will result in lower operational costs.

We essentially give you the same performance using less space, at a lower cost to you.

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