On Demand

Sometimes you just need support on a specific job or issue. Other times you just need a service to help you cover staff holidays or help deliver a project. onDemand gives you freedom from contracts and flexibility to choose the work you need doing.

Our bespoke Pay As You Go IT support service provides you with flexible solutions when you need them. Because every company is different it is important for us to be able to react to any of your IT problems directly and efficiently, which is why we put so much effort into cultivating relationships.

Some of the key features of our Pay As You Go service include:

  • Flexible project work
  • Complete transparency
  • An extension of your current IT support offering
  • Continued work based on a developed relationship

Our aim is to not only be reactive when you hire our Pay As You Go service but also be proactive so that the same issues don’t reoccur. This is why we offer full transparency about what we have done and why and also the costs incurred.

From choosing software to choosing a strategy.

Our consultancy and project management services can help you from start to finish.

No infrastructure?
No business.

Keeping your business functioning efficiently on a daily basis.

Support whenever you need it the most.

At decode we will support your IT needs no matter how great or small.